Colon Hydrotherapy

Today’s diet consists in great part of refined, processed foods, high in saturated fats and low in fiber. Eating these foods, overeating, ignoring the call the eliminate stress, allergies, medications, lack of exercise and environmental toxins can contribute to over-acidity in the body, sluggish, poor digestion, respiratory and skin problems and poor colon health.

The colon contains the largest concentration of bacteria in the body. Waste matter that stagnates alters the proportion of healthy vs. harmful bacteria disrupting the balance of the healthy microorganisms that are essential to the health of the colon and the body in general. Symptoms such as constipation, diarrhea, IBS, gas and bloating, body odor, fatigue and bad breath may occur. Regular colonics help to keep your digestive system, kidneys and liver functioning properly which helps your body to cleanse and eliminate regularly on its own.

During a colon hydrotherapy (colonic) session, a narrow disposable speculum is partially inserted with a round-tipped applicator approximately 2-3 inches into the rectum. Filtered, temperature controlled water is introduced into the colon and released several times during a session. The Colon Hydrotherapist is always present; attentive to the client (who is covered at all times) and closely monitoring the temperature and pressure-sensitive flow of water. During an outflow, after introducing water into the colon,  water and waste material travels from the disposable outflow tube through a glass viewing tube within the wall unit and ultimately into the drainage system. During an outflow, the abdomen is gently manipulated, encouraging an easier and more complete release. This cycle of filling and emptying is repeated several times during the session. Colonics can cleanse the entire colon using filtered water and without the use of drugs or chemicals. The device is a “closed system” which affords a comfortable procedure while maintaining the dignity of the patient. There is no open evacuation and no offensive odors. It is therapist assisted for effectiveness, comfort and most importantly, safety. The device comes equipped with a built-in water treatment system. This patented system will remove particulate matter, reduce the amount of chlorine and, with the use of Ultraviolet light, destroy 99.9% of bacteria and viruses that may be in the water.

Individual Sessions & Packages

Initial Session $95 – Includes intake, consultation, colonic session, and follow up.

Follow-up Sessions $85 – 1 Session

All sessions include a nutritional overview, essential oils, and working trigger points. Prepaid packages are non-transferable, non-refundable and used within expiration date of 1 year from purchase.

3 Sessions

6 Sessions

9 Sessions

$240 ($80 each) $450 ($75 each) $630 ($70 each)

Add On Services


Single session, 45 minutes; $45, (3  or more sessions; $40 each)

The Ion Foot Bath creates a similar environment as a walk along a beach, only more powerful because your feet are in direct contact with the ions being made in the water. Neutralized particles are pulled out of the body through the skin via osmosis. Supports any cleansing modality and can reduce the discomfort associated with rapid detoxification. Repeated sessions improve the results. Excellent when used in combination with colon hydrotherapy (colon cleanse) sessions. Includes foot rub with essential oils and a glass of hydrating tea.


$20 – 15 minutes

A generous amount of castor oil is applied to the entire abdominal region and is layered with a moist heat pad. Encourages relaxation of the abdominal area and aids in detoxification, circulation, and elimination. Particularly healing to the liver and colon and helpful prior to colon hydrotherapy (a colonic).


Single session, 15 minutes; $15

Just 15 minutes on the Sun Ancon Chi Machine has the estimated equivalence to walking 90 minutes in terms of oxidation. It gently sways the body in a figure 8 motion moving body fluids and aiding the lymphatic system. It also oxygenates the blood, improves immune function by stimulating globulin production, increases blood production by stimulating the sympathetic nervous system which increases spinal ’marrow’ blood production and restores balance to the nervous system. View this video from the television show ‘The Doctors’

Contraindications for Colon Hydrotherapy:

*If you have any of these contraindications, colon hydrotherapy is NOT advised. (click to view)

National and International Certifications

International Association Colonic Hydrotherapy
National Board for Colon Hydrotherapy